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Hear from people returning to work, transferring careers and the people that help make it happen
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client case study
Executive Board Director, ICG

Antje Hensel-Roth

“The placement we made with The Return Hub is a "fantastic case study demonstrating both internally and externally the success that can be achieved with this deliberate approach to finding gender diverse talent.”
client case study
Head of Client Relations, ICG

Vesna Sipp

“Time-out meant .... a fresh pair of eyes that has led to ideas, improvements and progression - a progression which benefits both the individual and the organisation from a developmental perspective.”
client case study
Head of HR Business Partnering, ICG

Gill Freeman-Smith

“By putting recruitment at the heart of our strategy and effectively mobilising cohesive support from the business, HR, L&D and marketing, we can continue to attract a greater range of talent and enrich our culture and continue to build on our success.”
candidate case study
Associate Director – UK Institutional and Global Sovereign EMEA Marketing, UBS Asset Management

Nicola Brady

“I was looking to move my career back into the Asset Management Industry.”
client case study
Director of Partner Engagement and Consultancy, St. James’s Place

Alexandra Loydon

“Passionate about broadening financial awareness and wellbeing, particularly for women. ”
candidate case study
Head of HR, Alchemy Partners

Alison Barwell

“You can still be a part-time worker and progressive.”
candidate case study
Product Specialist, Intermediate Capital Group

Hannah Wilcock

“You don’t know whether you can do it, or whether it’s the right move for you, until you try, so why not give it a go? ”
client case study
Head of Internal Audit, Santander

Amelie Bossard

“For me, this flexibility is key to maintain a healthy work-life balance without giving up my professional growth within the company.”
candidate case study
Global Head of Business Risk, Capital Markets at HSBC

Amy Barklam

“Don’t dismiss the skills that you have picked up on your career break as these are transferable and valuable.”
client case study
Global Head of Human Resources, Wholesale Division, Nomura

Caren Gray

“ I would recommend The Return Hub to any organisation looking to create a more diverse talent pool at the mid – senior level.”
client case study
Head of Alternative Investments, St. James’s Place

Leslie Uzan

“I am passionate about promoting diversity in our industry. ”
client case study
Global Head of Compliance, Santander

Lindsay Cole

“Be braver today than you were yesterday and braver tomorrow than you are today and great things will happen.”
client case study
Head of Private Client Consultancy for The South West and Northern Ireland Area, St. James’s Place

Obi Nnochiri

“Promoting Inclusion and Diversity within SJP. ”
client case study
Head of Front Office Interest Rates Quant, Santander

Sara Palomino

“Diversity unlocks creativity and innovation. As a leader I am responsible and passionate for embracing a diverse environment where different skills, ideas and opinions, driven by a mix of cultures, experiences and backgrounds, work together.”
client case study
Head of Inclusion and Diversity, St. James’s Place

Vicki Foster

“Having taken a 3 year career break and a pretty unconventional career path myself, I know how important it is for employers to make a wide and varied choice of career paths accessible to everyone.”
candidate case study
Director, Equity Research, Consumer Staples at HSBC #ReturnWell: Career break return to work

Doriana Russo

“Don’t give up!” A role may result in not being quite right, but you never know where it will take you. Stay positive. ”
candidate case study
#ReturnWell: Sustainable Finance – Nomura

Ella Chalfon

“The Return Hub asked me thought-provoking questions exploring my motivations and skills, and made me really think of what I had to offer. ”
candidate case study
Director – Finance Team at Generation Investment Management

Stephen Owen

“Working at Generation has fulfilled Stephen’s high expectations. ”
candidate case study
#ReturnWell: Career break return to work

Teni Ekundare

“When you meet the team at The Return Hub, they’re very professional. As someone on a career break, I fitted the brief for their candidate pool and for once, didn’t feel like a square peg in a round hole on my job search. ”
candidate case study
Career break return to work

Tona Viney

“The Return Hub were able to help me understand the recruitment landscape in the City and identify firms which would be supportive of a candidate returning to the workplace. ”
client case study
CEO RBC Europe and Chair UK Diversity Committee

Dave Thomas

“I am proud of our ongoing work to foster an inclusive culture…through programmes such as RLaunch and our work with the Return Hub we are moving in the right direction and are encouraged by the progress we are making.”
client case study
CEO for EMEA, Invesco

Doug Sharp

“Encouraging and supporting our staff and the teams they work with to feel that Invesco is a place where they can develop their careers and meet their family objectives as well, has been one of the priorities within our diversity and inclusion focus across EMEA.”
client case study
Royal Bank of Canada, MD & Global Head

Graeme Pearson

“We worked with The Return Hub to flip the recruitment process around by matching candidates to permanent positions”
client case study
Director, MW&L Capital Partners

Matthew Westerman

“We appreciated the positive, depth of experience in the industry and recruitment that TRH brought to the process.”
candidate case study
RBC – RLaunch-ed

Michelle Lozano

“I wanted to be in a role where I could contribute in a meaningful way within an organisation at which I would be proud to work”
candidate case study
Career Pivot – Goldmans to Fintech

Shannon Makori

“I think it is key to be in an environment that you feel valued in. That in itself empowers you to achieve and be the best version of you. ”
client case study
Redington, CEO

Mitesh Sheth

“The Return Hub’s passion, infection enthusiasm and determination for women returning to work is inspiring.”
client case study
Aon, Partner and UK Investment People Lead

Emily McGuire

“We were seeing the same CVs from the same industries time and time again and we really wanted to break the mould. ”
candidate case study
AON – Career Pivot

Geri McMahon

“The Return Hub suggested roles to me I wouldn't have considered and supported me through the process.”
candidate case study
Redington, SVP Manager Research

Marjorie Lyons

“The Return Hub was instrumental in helping ease the return to work after a third child”
candidate case study
Alpima, MD of Sales – Return to Fintech

Anastasia Bikou

“The Return Hub are not only there for you during the recruitment process; I have been impressed with their 'after care' too”
candidate case study
Mercer – Utilising years of experience


“The Return Hub don’t use technology to scan CVs – it’s people led”
candidate case study
Macquarie Returner Programme


“The Returner Programme is both challenging and rewarding, it is always difficult to re-join the workplace having been out for a long time but the support along the way was a huge benefit.”
candidate case study
The Return Hub – Senior Consultant

Claire Douglas

“When I discovered The Return Hub it felt like I had found a company which was totally on the same wavelength with the underlying ability to really make a difference.”
client case study
Redington, COO – Returner turned Client

Lee Georgs

“Now I am helping to hire, I can honestly say that everyone wins when someone re-enters the workforce. ”
candidate case study
Macquarie Returner Programme


“I love my role, work with a great group of people and am enjoying being at work more than ever.”
candidate case study
A snapshot of Returners and Returning


“What do you miss about work? A compilation of views on Returning”
candidate case study
Using skills to Return to work

Talenta Bodemeh

“The Return Hub prep you really comprehensively... they give you the confidence...”