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ICG was created in 1989 by six entrepreneurs who wanted to provide innovative capital solutions to private companies.  Since that time, we have evolved into a global alternative asset manager, increased our presence around the world and established a strong reputation.  We are proud of the organisation we have built and ICG’s clearly defined culture. Our returning clients are testament to our organisation’s strengths.

Inside ICG

Our Culture

We embrace entrepreneurialism at ICG; we want our people to work collaboratively to harness ambitious, creative capital solutions.  We encourage new ideas while also taking a considered approach, with a robust risk management structure and integrity at our core.

Community Action

As well as helping the communities in which we operate, we have focused our corporate social responsibility programme on education, partnering with charities that help disadvantaged groups achieve their scholastic and personal developmental goals.

The Environment

In July 2020, ICG became a signatory to the Initiative Climat International (iCI), a network of private equity companies who work to understand and manage the global risks associated with climate change, with the goal of building climate conscious portfolios.


ICG is a signatory of the Women in Finance Charter and a co-founder of Level 20.  Improved gender diversity within our organisation is a critical endeavour: our goal is to increase the percentage of women in senior management to 30% by 2023.

Benoit Durteste, CIO & CEO, ICG Plc

“By broadening our talent pools we can continue to develop, retain and attract those who are best able to help us innovate and deliver for our fund investors, shareholders and people.”

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