Do you Avoid Conversations Around Blockchain Because a Lack of Understanding?

with Lavinia Osbourne, Founder Women in Blockchain Talks
28 January 2022 12:00-12:20

Do you avoid conversations around Blockchain, NFTs or Tech because of a lack of understanding? Dominie Moss will be talking to Lavinia Osbourne to de-mystify the subject for our next #OnPoint Instagram Live on Friday 28 February at 12 pm GMT.

Lavinia is the founder and host of Women in Blockchain Talks, a Blockchain, Fintech and Welltech specialist, and founder of CryptoKweens, a NFT marketplace. She is also one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Tech and Innovation, and a member of the Wirex Rising Women in Crypto Powerlist 21.


If you’d like to feel more confident about the technology and its applications, don’t miss this fascinating conversation. Follow us on Instagram @thereturnhub to join. We hope to see you there.

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