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National Australia Bank

National Australia Bank is a banking heavyweight in Australia and proud to have a place at the table in the City of London too.  Our slogan is ‘more than money’ and that’s because we really do take a holistic approach to banking, caring for each one of our customers, communities and employees as well as the global society in which we operate.  We understand that everyone and every business has a unique story behind their banking strategy.  We want to help those strategies begin, develop and deliver.

#OnPoint Conversation

Nicola Jolley, CEO (Elect) of NAB's new Paris subsidiary

Inside NAB


We take seriously the support that we show our customers, communities and staff, with policies in place for times of vulnerability and hardship such as natural disasters and domestic abuse.  We are an inclusive bank, providing banking services for everyone. 

Workplace Flexibility

We want to make banking a career choice for all, regardless of personal commitments or professional aspirations.  Our staff benefits from agile working, allowing men and women to thrive both at home and at work with a fluid work-life balance.

The Circle of Life

We are there for our staff, both men and women, throughout their life events.  Becoming parents, career breaks and even retirement are periods of adjustment to which we can help you adapt, through leave programmes and support on your return. 


Just as our ethos is ‘more than money’, our values reflect not just what we do, but how we do it. Customer service, going the extra mile, respect, integrity and being bold are what make us an employer of choice.


Diversity and inclusion are critical in order to represent our customers and communities.  We have strategies to employ more women and also to attract those from other marginalised groups, such as those with disabilities and those from BAME backgrounds.