CV Writer

Please complete using the instructions provided and download to save the CV. Please send us your final CV to upload on our system.

Include your current/last roles, or the one(s) you are seeking

This is the key introductory section, showcase your key skills and experiences that are relevant for the role you are seeking. It should be succinct, punchy and present your unique selling points. Add 1 or 2 stand out achievements including relevant or particularly impressive qualifications. Should be no longer than 5 or 6 lines long. Can be paragraph or up to 3 bullet points.

  • Bullet points covering key areas of knowledge and expertise to jump out at the reader and cover keywords relevant to the role
  • Could include product knowledge
  • Sector Experience
  • Client Relationship Management/Presentation skills
  • Relevant professional qualification
  • Regulatory knowledge

Give a brief description of company if not a household name, size/business/global position

Provide an overview describing the scope of role, responsibilities, team size, geographical area, budget etc.

  • Include 2 to 3 bullet points that detail the key achievements you delivered in this role, include specific targets achievement, profit numbers, cost saving numbers etc.
  • Achievement 2
  • Achievement 3

Beyond 10 years of career experience, be more brief of role description.

Short description to explain career break, i.e taken for family reasons. Include any experience gained that is relevant for a potential role, and adds to professional experience. Keep it brief, focus should be on professional experience.

Include languages, short selection of outside interests.