‘How Small Habits Can Lead to Big Changes’

with Helen Cowan, Founder of The Tall Wall
13 January 2022 13:00-13:20
Do you ever find you set new resolutions, goals or habits but don’t succeed in making them stick? Us too! Join us on Thursday 13 January at 1 pm for ‘Compound Interest. How small habits lead to big changes’ our next Instagram Live with Dominie Moss and Helen Cowan, Executive Coach and Founder at The Tall Wall. 📈

It’s proven that small changes have a cumulative effect over time and that we are more likely to fail at implementing change if the first step is too hard. Helen and Dominie will show us the best way to make new habits stick in both our professional and personal lives.

Follow us on Instagram @thereturnhub to join. We hope to see you next week – at the earlier time of 1 pm.

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Compound Interest

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