A Truly Inspiring Career Success Story

with Nicola Jolley, CEO (Elect) of the new Paris office at NAB
15 December 2021 11:00-11:20

We’re looking forward to our next inspiring career conversation with Nicola Jolley, Chief Executive Officer (Elect) of the new Paris subsidiary at NAB, this Wednesday 15th December at 11 am.

Nicola has been with National Australia Bank for 16 years, sits on the European Leadership Team, is the sponsor for the Libor Transition Project in the Northern Hemisphere, and is on the subcommittee of the FICC Markets Standard Board.

We’ll be hearing about:
• Nicola’s career journey and her advice for juggling the demands of a successful career.

We’ll be asking:
• Do women tend to underrate their performance compared to men and how can women best mitigate for this?

Follow us on Instagram @thereturnhub to join. We do hope to see you there.

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