Maria, Member of The Return Hub

“I am very happy! The work is incredibly interesting and I liked everyone I’ve met. It is an amazing group of super bright but also kind people. I feel lucky. Thank you again!”

Natasha, Member of The Return Hub

“Many thanks once again for the call and it was great to meet you over the phone. Thanks for all the advice, tips and for your time. I am looking forward to speaking in the future.”

Angeli, Member of The Return Hub

“Thanks for your time today. I am grateful for your support as I try and narrow down my focus and I appreciate all the help you can offer.”

Mark, Member of The Return Hub

“I have to say that it’s extremely refreshing to find an organisation like The Return Hub, which is perfectly aligned with my interests in the financial services world and my current needs as a returner. The approach you outlined and the nature of the way you work with your clients is very attractive.”

Joy, Member of The Return Hub

“It was such a pleasure to speak with you yesterday and to learn so much. I’m thrilled to be working with you.”

Erum, Member of The Return Hub

“Many thanks for your call, I really appreciated your honesty and kind words. It has been very challenging but I truly believe that there are so many women whose brains are under utilised for their career and management skills, that we just have to keep pushing for this.”

Amardeep, Member of The Return Hub

“It was really good to speak. What can seem to be a difficult time is somewhat made a little easier when you have a positive conversation!”

Clare, Member of The Return Hub

“It was really nice to speak to you and also to hear your perspectives on the job market. It is an exciting time for me to be thinking about returning to the workplace…so your insights and advice were really helpful.”

Nebiat, Member of The Return Hub

“It was lovely speaking to you today…thanks again for all of the insight and advice you have given me to move forward, more informed and confident in my efforts to return to work.”

Varvara, Member of The Return Hub

“It was lovely to speak to you. I really appreciate what you are doing. You provided me with some important insights and gave me very helpful advice on how I can further develop my job search. Your honesty is precious – now I’ve got clearer vision of how to approach the job market.”

Lyndsay, Member of The Return Hub

“Thank you for the kind email and for taking the time to call today. I left our chat feeling invigorated and energised to make some changes to my CV and to do some research.”

Shashi, Member of The Return Hub

“Thank you so much for your call that really has lifted my spirits and confidence to aim for the right role for my level.”

Linda, Member of The Return Hub

“It was really lovely to speak to you today …. thank you so much again for the call and all the information. You really have been a tremendous help!”

Sofia, Member of The Return Hub

“Thanks again for our conversation.  It was really insightful to understand how the job market is behaving at the moment and from my side, I will be implementing all your suggestions.”

Margaret, The Return Hub Member

“Everyone is welcoming and professional and from first contact with The Return Hub I began to think that it was possible to get back to work again. Being out of the work environment for any more than a year is a challenge to your self confidence. These lovely people look for the gold nuggets in […]

Kim, Member of The Return Hub

“Thank you so much for the call earlier today. I was really appreciative of your advice and guidance, and your words of encouragement and support. A real lift!”

Cathy, Webinar Attendee

“I thought so many aspects of the webinar were extremely useful from the areas that are hiring, desired skill sets to great reminders of the different aspects of relaunching a career that can make a difference – such as ensuring LinkedIn is up to date and reflecting current desired career pathway. It’s an anxious filled […]

Katherine, Webinar Attendee

“I was on the webinar today and it was excellent. Packed full of super practical and helpful information. Thank you for hosting and looking forward to more”.

Cynthia, Webinar Attendee

“It was a very helpful and insightful webinar, with some good tips and recommendations to enhance our profiles”.  

Saravanan, Webinar Attendee

“Thank you for organising the #ReturnWell event. It has been informative and helpful. I look forward to continue working with The Return Hub in finding a suitable opportunity for me”.    

Alexis, Webinar Attendee

“Today’s ReturnWell seminar was excellent and very helpful. I look forward to your future seminars. Thank you”.  

Sonia, The Return Hub Alumni

“I had been out of the market for a while and other headhunters didn’t know what to do with me! At The Return Hub there was always someone to speak to and they were good at providing feedback”.

Betsy, The Return Hub Alumni

“It was a relief to engage with a team specialised in helping mid and senior career people like me find roles. Working with this team feels like doors are opening instead of closing”.

Edel, The Return Hub Alumni

“Just wanted to say thank you so much to you and all the team for your hard work in placing me, appreciate it more than I can say!”

Stephen Hargreaves, Candidate of The Return Hub

“I can’t rate The Return Hub highly enough. I regularly recommend them to people. They have worked tirelessly for me and have regularly turned up quality matching roles with a high frequency”.

Wan Lee, Chief Investment Officer, MW&L Capital Partners

“It has been very easy working with The Return Hub. They really got to know me and presented the right opportunities for me. They were open and engaged throughout the recruitment process, communicating updates in a timely fashion and once I had started the role, continued to stay in touch.  A really first-class level of […]

Sophie Gioanni, The Return Hub Alumni

“With 20 years experience in investment banks and hedge funds, I had set up my own business. When I was interested in exploring other opportunities, traditional Headhunters did not know where to put me – my CV did not make sense to them. The Return Hub totally understood. They supported me throughout the whole process […]

Suzanne, The Return Hub Alumni

“Dominie differentiates herself in a very crowded field by knowing her clients / their businesses extremely well and is talented at matching individuals / roles. She is proactive sharing appropriate opportunities and providing much needed background information. She is hard working, thoughtful and truly dedicated to her clients. She and everyone in her office have […]

Francesca, The Return Hub Alumni

“Thank you for your time today, it was really a pleasure talking with you and I have taken on board all your advice. It’s actually great for once to have someone put me to task, instead of the other way around, just the push I needed!”