Research Associate, Investment Research

Investment Management Firm, West End. Full time with flexible working.
Reference: A/10944
  • Administrative support for Research Strategy Team in an asset management firm focused on sustainability
  • Grow network of research providers and establish new relationships, conduct external checks and bespoke survey work, document and track usage of research providers and value.  Monitor and report on research spend.
  • Adapt in a fast paced work environment to work with the team and help fulfil urgent requests and tight deadlines.
  • Develop knowledge of industry coverage and trends to improve service quality and improve research provider sourcing.
  • Requires a smart, driven and detail oriented candidate with a variety of previous experiences who is excited by the role.
  • Requires strong and proven sales/account management/negotiation capabilities with desktop research/sourcing skills and a keen demonstrated interest in technology solutions and process efficiencies.
  • Preferred familiarity with CRM systems (e.g Salesforce), Document Management System (e.g Sharepoint), Collaboration/Productivity tools (e.g. Asana/Monday/Basecamp), Data manipulation (e.g Python or R) and Data visualisation (e.g Tableau, ThoughtSpot).

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