Illiquid Credit Trader VP/ED, Global Bank

London, 12 month maternity cover contract

Underwriting and managing uncollateralised derivatives credit risk as well as portfolio strategy and alternative means of distribution and risk transfer.  Sitting in Global Markets, working closely with Business Resource Management, Capital Commitments team, Risk Solutions Group and Client Financing Solutions

The role

  • Supporting fund-level hedging, corporate and infrastructure derivatives business in EMEA, Americas and Asia
  • Underwriting new credit risk, monitoring existing risks and overall portfolio management
  • Performing fundamental credit analysis, modelling and assessing the value of corporate cash flows/collateral and recovery valuations
  • Managing credit risk approval and due diligence processes for new transactions and ongoing review of existing exposures
  • Management of existing portfolio risks, preparing quarterly risk review for EMEA and Americas
  • Working closely with sales and structuring teams to develop means to distribute counterparty credit risk to institutional clients and other parties


  • Deep knowledge of derivatives across multiple asset classes – rates, FX, credit
  • CVA and XVA expertise
  • Credit, financial statement analysis, financial modelling and accounting skills
  • Knowledge of private equity fund structure, credit funds and infrastructure funds

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