Head of Tax Advantaged Products, Investment Management

Global Wealth Manager, London or Cirencester, 4 days/full time, hybrid working
Reference: A/13813
  • Oversee and manage the manager research process for tax advantaged (EIS/VCT/BR) strategies,
  • manage team of investment analysts who monitor and analyse tax advantaged strategies to ensure they meet expectations quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • Maintain an approved list of external managers in EIS/VCT/BR strategies.
  • Enhance manager research and monitoring processes.  Present at senior investment governance committees, present to partners and attend meetings with HNWIs where required, lead relationships with existing and prospective fund managers


  • Very strong technical knowledge of EIS/VCT/BR markets and investment process used by managers.  Understanding of how to manage liquidity risk.
  • Capability to make clear investment recommendations and take accountability for performance of fund managers.
  • Ability to manage a team
  • The ideal candidate will have: previous experience of tax advantaged manager research/oversight role in investment management or consulting; experience conducting fund manager research and making recommendations relating to selection and appraisal of external managers investing in venture capital and unquoted companies; proven understanding of tax advantaged markets.
  • Preferred IMC or progression with CFA exams, and experience of Aladdin/Factset/Bloomberg.

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