Emerging Markets Sovereign Analyst, UK Pension Fund

Full or part-time (4 or 5 days a week), London hybrid working

This is a role with a great opportunity to perform deep-dive fundamental economics research on given countries and contribute to investment process.

To conduct sovereign credit analysis to deliver sustainable long-term returns and complement existing successful systematic strategies for both Hard Currency (HC) and Local Currency (LC) EMD portfolios.

To contribute to both subjective decision making and overall strategies on both HC and LC EMD portfolios (including LC Inflation Linked (EMIL)).

  • Enhance existing EMD investment strategies by adding a subjective decision-making skill based on fundamental country analysis.
  • Strategic decision making that delivers more positive skew & higher kurtosis = downside protection, compared to index returns.
  • Design and apply improvements to the fundamental assessments (DSA) of countries to ensure individual and team efficiencies in investment processes. Have a full understanding of all the investment mandate(s) constraints and controls.
  • Provide guidance and support to less experienced team members in developing country analysis skills.
  • Comprehend and assist in the management of the composite impact of individual Country decisions/exposures on overall portfolio risk exposures.
  • Source investment opportunities and leverage external resources for the scheme.

Candidates will have:

  • Excellent macroeconomic analytical skills, e.g., Debt Sustainability Analysis, debt reprofiling/renegotiations/default.
  • Proficiency in Excel and Bloomberg
  • Strong writing ability (synthesise complex ideas into concise reports)
  • Experience of High Yield and distressed EM bond markets
  • Portfolio management/Risk modelling techniques

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