Director, Securities Finance and Clearing Risk, Global Bank, London

Full time or 4 days per week, hybrid working


  • Provide “first line of defence” risk management for Securities Finance, FX Prime Services and Derivatives Clearing Services businesses
  • Manage exposure to clients, set appropriate margin levels, control financing, negotiate risk terms with clients including term financing arrangements, set appropriate client- facing limits, proactively monitor risk in portfolio
  • Principal responsibility to ensure risk stays within market risk mandates and applicable credit limits.
  • Implement and manage risk management framework

Requirements include

  • A Markets background, detailed understanding of how to measure and manage market risk of derivatives contracts across all asset classes
  • Strong understanding of counterparty risk and hedge funds in particular, with hands-on experience of managing a client default situation
  • Experience managing the implementation of a new risk management system, risk methodologies, processes and governance
  • Experience managing people

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