Associate/VP, Balance Sheet Management, International Investment Bank

London, Full Time, Hybrid Working

This is a Front office role managing the capital, funding and credit risks of the Corporate & Investment Bank across multiple geographies with the aim of driving better origination of risk and then optimising the risk/return of the balance sheet

  • Structuring and on-going management of balance sheet synthetic securitisations across the London Branch and the CIB franchise.
  • Identification of potential assets to be hedged, whether due to credit concerns, line consumption or the low returns of the asset in question. Track impact of the actions of the team on the book.
  • Utilising available tools and new or existing products to improve the return of the Loan Book, in particular identifying low returning names to sell.
  • Ongoing investor/client management, providing support throughout the life of a trade and answering any queries.
  • Act as business lead, coordinating internally with other front office teams, middle/back office, legal, capital, finance, risk, compliance and regulatory.
  • Assisting in the creation of structured transactions to manage liquidity, funding, regulatory capital and/or credit.
  • Following changes in the regulatory (CRR, Bank of England, ECB, etc) and industry (EBA, AFME, etc) environment which impact the bank and any structures managed by the team.

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